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Whovians always talk about how Donna was best friend to the Doctor or how he loved Rose. They talk about how his relationship with Craig is so special. But it makes me sad, they are forgetting one very precious person to the Doctor. I guess it’s because not many Whovians these days saw classic series, I am actually almost sure of it. Because if they knew the Brigadier, this scene from The Wedding of The River Song would become probably the saddest or at least one of the saddest moments in whole Doctor Who. So let me tell you a story now. It will take just a few minutes, probably less. 

Years ago, in classic series, in time when companions didn’t have to be super mysteriously special, in time when with the Doctor traveled completely ordinary people, who were also capable of doing great things  without destiny or mysterious backround, in that time, the Doctor met probably the best companion, who actually never traveled with him. But he was there. Every time when Doctor was on Earth, even when he was trapped here, the Brigadier was there. He saw most of the Doctor’s regenerations if not all of them and all incarnations of the Doctor attended his funeral, which means, he probably knew about Brigadier’s death much sooner, but still the information right in that moment made him give up, stop running and go to die. I guess, even if he knew, he still somewhere deep inside believed, that the Brigadier will stay. That he won’t leave the Doctor alone…

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